What is money?

The question may seem silly, but at the same time, it is not always easy to answer the question what money really is. Means of payment, some might say, while others would say that money is simply a currency. But none of that is true. Money is a representation of time.

The simplest example is the usual employment. You go to work, work eight hours and get some money for your effort. You have consumed eight hours of your life, but have received something in return. Economists might say that it is about to store value, which in itself is true. But in the end it is only time that has any real value. What is money without time?

Then of course the question, if you have replaced one of the most important thing you have – time – with money – how do you get your money to work for you?

This is not a blog about living a frugal life and just invest. Instead, it is a blog that wants to bring some thoughts on these particular issues. How can you get maximum value from your pennies, so the time you spend to earn them – no matter how you do it – really is worth something more. So that you simply get value for the time …