Breaking news: The only answer you need to get rich

Today we have some fantastic news to y’all. We’ve found the answer to how you can get rich, and we’ll give away the answer to this ancient question for free. Hold on to your horses… Sorry, we mean your money. The answer is just a few sentences away. 

Seven billion people, take or give a million or so for those that have found peace in some other way, are all looking for this answer at some stage in life. So many people are struggling with their everyday work, dreaming of a better future. Maybe you are one of countless people betting on horses, or maybe you think Lotto is the way to complete freedom. At the same time, living is expensive and you need your monthly salary to pay for all the bills. If you have a loan on your house, interest must be paid, or your rental costs. All those fixed costs are not going to disappear.

Getting rich, or financially independent, is hard and it might seem even harder if you at the end of the month have just about enough money left to pay that final bill. Or even worse, you might lack money to cover the last bill and for the next month your off even worse than you started.

get rich

Isn’t it impossible to get rich with those prerequisites? Well, it might be really hard, but as promised we have the answer for you. The answer you’re looking for is:

Don’t spend any money. 

Simple, isn’t it? Maybe not, and maybe it wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, but there is a hidden truth here. As soon as you spend your money, they’re gone. If you spend them on something you really don’t need, you’ve wasted an opportunity to let the money work for you, instead of them winding up in someone else’s pocket.

I’m not trying to be ironic or joke about the seriousness that the financial reality that a lot of people live in, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of people, especially in the Western world, live far above both their level of income and their level of real needs. If you spend all your money at the end of the month, you will surely never be rich. But if you stop spending money on the wrong things, you can save a lot of money, invest them and eventually you will get rich. Or richer.