Are you serious about your dreams?

After having browsed a lot of the Swedish financial blogs I have managed to find a very clear, red thread. Most people dream. A few have been successful, but many people dream jumping out of the treadmill, pulling the plug, well … what synonym for escaping you can imagine.

Are you serious about your dreams? Or is it anything you’re dedicated to just tormenting yourself for a while?

Now is a great opportunity to do something about your situation, if the job feels so hard. I have a wonderful job, and are as satisfied as a fish in the water, but I also dream. Not necessarily just about being financially independent, I have a little too many dreams to succeed with everyone.

The big difference is that very many people do nothing but dream. Certainly, a lot of of all financial bloggers focus on saving a lot of money, but hand on heart – how far away from your goal are  you? And if the goal is about 20 years away, are you happy with that? Or is it all just about dreaming?

I really don’t want to crush any dreams, quite on the contrary. I want to light the fuse. Stop dreaming, start acting. Spend each second awake to find new ways to build the rocket that will take you to the stars.

Those who really succeed have spent a lot of time trying to succeed. Bon Jovi started playing guitar when he was 13 and 1982, seven years later, he worked part-time in a shoe shop for women’s shoes but he had not stopped playing the guitar. It took a few more years before he succeeded, but I can only imagine how many guitar strings have been literally blown away to reach where he wanted.

It’s easy to dream, but much harder to do something about the dreams. Start today, dream ahead, but get started with the construction of your castle, your rocket, your whatever you want. For tomorrow it may actually be too late.