Get your heat from firewood

Using firewood as a source of heat is one of the easiest ways to save money on heating. Burning wood is also part of the natural closed cycle, although there some wants to say different.

But the best thing about using firewood is that it warms twice. The first time you chop wood and the second time when you actually burn the wood. I would never dream of not chopping the wood myself, at least as long as I have access to my own trees.

Of course, wood burning requires some time and some skills, but in return you can easily lower the indoor temperature by one or two degrees. I recommend two degrees because you are forced to burn wood whether you know it or not.

You must of course prioritize safety. Never burn too much at once, keep a low pace and stop for a while if you have been burning wood for a longer period. Do not keep flammable stuff nearby and be sure to have a fire extinguisher as well as a fire detector.

To heat your house with wood saves money, but it is also quite restful to sit in the favorite armchair and gaze into a crackling fire. A cup of tea, a book and a blanket, maybe even a cat or dog, and life will feel perfect. At least for the moment.

As a bonus you can always bake your own bread. Then you also heat the house, lower your food costs and get a good appetite. You should never barbecue indoors of course, but if you decide to barbecue the whole year, such as the Grill Baron does, you wont have a problem standing in the cold for a while when you know you can get into a hefty fire.